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Toneden specializes in helping artist promote their music by using your Facebook Ads account. One thing I love about ToneDen is that it makes it easier for you to create a Facebook Ad. For me personally it was a headache to set up an efficient target market but with Toneden, it took me less than 10 minutes to create an Ad! The first month using Tonden I went from 55 Spotify Followers to 560 in one month! That was exciting for me! I still use them today & won't use Facebook Ads Manager ever again because Toneden work!s  

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Click on the icon above to redirect you to Niko's website to save 40-60% on a large library of MIDI packs!



Distrokid specializes in helping artist distribute their music to all the major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Tidal etc. Distrokid is very affordable especially if you are an indie artist seeking to put your music out. It's website is user friendly and not complicated to use. Click on the logo to get directed to their website. You will save 7% on your first year subscription as well! 


Omari MC Promotions has helped me in my marketing efforts when with my music release. I have tried may various Spotify marketing companies that claim to be real but they are all fake/bot listeners. Omari by far is the best and legit service I have found. They have various services but I have only utilized them for my Spotify marketing campaigns. Click on the icon to the left and it will direct you to their website. If you do decide to sign up, please let them know that Mpax Productions referred you to their service!


I am the type of person that likes showing you and using a product myself before promoting it. This is another one of those products! Niko's Midi Pack is an amazing reason for any producer that may be struggling on their music production & to comeuppance with beautiful chord progressions or melodies. Watch the video below where I show you how I use Niko's Pack for yourself. I promise you won't regret this purchase!


I know for many small businesses, marketing & content creation is vital to keep customers engaged. Sometimes we are limited in resources to pay for quick designs that can be published on our social media accounts, business website or other media outlets we are trying to brand. Me personally, I love to create and come up with idea but I just don't know how house photoshop for the life of me! Then I discovered Canva. Canva is available at your finger tips via mobile or your computer. I have designed most of my covers, post content & video content by using Canva. I highly recommend canvas for any small businesses that are trying to put quick but professional content online! 

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